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Scout Hut Looking better than ever before!

First of all we would like to say a big thank you to the local community for all your support, your donations, supply of materials and volunteering your time to help our group. You have all helped to make a huge difference to the building and we are now getting very close to the building being in a useable state for our young people to use again. We could'nt do this without your support so on behalf of the group thank you all!

Here are some of the things we have been doing recently with before and after pictures!

The old rotten wood on one of the walls where the weather had been getting in.

New UPVC windows donated by the local community and installed by our volunteers!

Rotten wood replaced and new board put up.

All painted an looking fantastic!

The ceiling tiles and the roof supports were tired and grubby.

Roofing tiles completley sprayed white and the roof supports given a clean and a fresh coat of paint.

The rickety old floor boards were repaired and then new ply boards laid ontop ready for carpet tiles.

Carpet tiles donated by the ocal community beggining to be laid in the annex.

Exterior windows given a rub down and a coat of paint.

New lino laid in the girls toilets.

The rotten section of roof between the main hall and the annex has been repaired.

Exterior doors were given a good rub down and painted keeping them weatherproof. The memorial boat was given alot of attention removing all of the weeds and trimming the trees looking so much better!

This is what most of the door looked like before they were given some TLC!

And afterwards!

Exterior window that previously did not shut repaired keeping the weather out.

More windows cleaned and painted to keep them weatherproof and the exterior given it's second coat of creosote to keep the wood preserved, looking really smart!

All walls in the main hall have had their last coat of paint, the space looks so much bigger and has really brightened it up!

A large area round the back of the hut required some attention, the exterior wood needed treating and some repairs where there were holes in the wood with lots of ivy growing into the slats.

Ivy Removed and damage being repaired.

Nearly finished creosoting, just the top spot left to do!

Door repainted and creosoting finished.

Overgrown area tidied next to the garage and cut back all of the brambles.

Hedge was cut back that was growing into the garage.

All this rubbish has been removed from the side of the hut and disposed of.

Leaks and drainage fixed and unblocked, with a lovely new cover cut and put over the drain hole.

Kitchen given a fresh coat of paint!

Boys bathroom Repainted and glosswork done on the doors.

Floor also repainted in the boys toilets.

All the interior doors have been painted!

The old electrical cupboard.

Old boards removed and circuits labled up before putting new board in.

New electrics board, much safer and tidier.

Old hall lighting been there for over 50 years and showing it's age.

New hall lighting, much brighter and maintained fire escape lighting and signage installed.

The main doors were peeling paint and in desperate need of attention.

Rubbed down and given a coat of paint by our lovely volunteers! The doors are now weatherproof and look so much better!

Damage to external shiplap boards was letting the weather in.

Repaired external wood using reclaimed wood keeping the building weatherproof.

Loads of rotten wood found on one of the sides of the building.

Additional supporting wood added to make this area of the building stronger.

And boarded up ready to be treated with creosote.


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