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Brilliant work by the lovely group of volunteers from Envitia fixing our kayaking compound!

As many of you will know our kayaking compound was broken into late last year with lots of our kit and boats stolen and damage to the building and fencing caused by the theives. The premises has since been unused until repairs were able to be carried out when covid restrictions eased.

One of our scouting parents and kayaking instructors organised a day at our kayaking compound where he and his collegues from local company Envitia did a tremendous job of clearing all of the overgrown brambles, fixing the broken fencing, tidying up the grounds, treating the external wood of the building and more!

Below was the previous state of the grounds.

In the picture below you can see the fencing had completely fallen over due to the overgrown brambles.

The team did a tremendous job clearing all the brambles and repairing the fence.

Brambles cleared and the fence repaired!

Below is the building before having the wood treated.

The building was completely retreated by the team making the building waterproof and weatherproof again.

On behalf of 3rd / 5th Lancing Sea Scouts thank you to all the volunteers that came down for the day, you have made a massive difference to the building and the grounds and we cannot thank you enough for your support! Thank you!

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