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Our Cause

Much of the work in overhauling Supeta has been done on a voluntary basis (many 1000s of hours). Even so, a monumental task has gone in to raise the £35,000 needed to get her ready.


The annual running costs of Supeta are not insignificant (around £10,000 per year), and to be able to ensure she is available to the whole community, we need to continue our fundraising efforts. Supeta is one of only a handful of training yachts across the country offering such a unique experience for young people.

We gratefully accept donations through our go-fundme page (link-below), or please contact to find out other ways in which you might be able to help.

© 2023 Copyright: Jamie Hull 3rd/5th Lancing Sea Scouts, Registered Charity No. 1194984

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