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Kit for Water Activities


As part of the Scout group you'll be able to regularly participate in a wide range of water activities throughout the summer, including Kayaking, Sailing, Paddle boarding and Raft building.

You'll need some kit to be able to participate in these activities safely, keeping you warm on the water and allowing you to have fun without worrying about getting cold! 

We've put a list together of the items of kit your scout will need when going on the water, along with recommendations based on kit we've brought and used before. 

Kit Required For Water Activities


Scouts can either choose from a Shorty wetsuit or a Full-length wetsuit. The benefit of a Full-length wetsuit is that it covers your arms and legs therefore keeping you warmer and also keeping the sun off! Shorty wetsuits are often cheaper than full-length and still offer a good deal of warmth in the summer months when we'll primarily be on the water. Look for a wetsuit with a thickness of 3mm which will be adequately warm and also last longer than thinner suits which are more prone to ripping.

Make sure you try a wetsuit on before you buy! They should be a snug-fit otherwise they won't work at keeping you warm!



Rash Vest

Rash Vests can be worn during the peak summer season instead of a wetsuit on really hot days, they are much cooler and are worn primarily to keep the UV from the sun off the skin. In the cooler months they can also be worn underneath your wetsuit to provide additional warmth and to stop your wetsuit from rubbing. Rash-vests come in either short or long-sleved.

They should be a fairly snug fit to stop them riding up when on the water.




Gul Rash Vest Junior

Rash-vest short.webp
Rash-vest long.webp


A Cag is a windproof and waterproof layer worn on top of a wetsuit or rash vest to add an extra layer of protection on wet and windy days. A good basic cag will be fully waterproof and windproof with taped-seams. For a cag with more protection look for adjustable neoprene neck / wrist seals.

Cags should be a loose fitting similar to a rain-coat, allowing you freedom to move when paddling.


Decathlon Cag.png

Basic Cag with Adjustable Neck and Wrist seals


Dinghy 500 Kids' Sailing Windproof Smock - Dark Blue

Decalthlon cag mid.png

Basic Cag with Adjustable Neck and Wrist seals


Palm Vector Kids Jacket

Palm Cag.png


Wetshoes are designed to keep your feet warm and also offer protection when standing on sharp stones in the water.

A hard-wearing wet-shoe will have a sturdy rubber sole and usually be made of neoprene.

Alternatively an old pair of trainers is also suitable but will not offer the warmth of a proper wetshoe and likely not to last as long in the salt-water.

Do NOT buy

This style of wetshoes have a habit of falling apart in a matter of hours when participating in our water activities and offer no warmth at all..



Wetsuit Boot No Zip - Harder to get on / off


GUL Junior 5mm Power Boots

Gul wetshoe.jpg

Wetsuit Boot with Zip - Easier to get on / off



gul zipped wetshoe.jpg

Caring for your kit

1. After each session rinse all your kit with fresh water to remove any salt water that has soaked in.

2. Then leave to drip dry out of direct sunlight, as the sun can break the material down.

3. Once dry, store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

DO NOT put kit in the washing machine!

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