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Scout Challenge 12

Skills challenge award

Regularly take part in physical activities over a period of 7 to 14 days. Keep a record showing your improvement. Your goal could be to develop in an activity, beat personal records or successfully complete a challenge. Take a photo or video as evidence on all 3 parts

Physical activity/challenge suggestions: * circuit training * football skill training * aerobic routine * Zumba aerobics- use youtube. * long distance cycle ride * hiking * athletic events like 100 metres. Running, throwing, * Brownsea 100 mile challenge can be included in this challenge if you are doing it. * Zac PE session

Show you understand healthy eating- this can be done as a poster

Learn and use at least five of these skills: * Mend or customise an item of clothing * Cook and serve a meal * Fix a puncture or a dropped chain on a bike * Wash up after a meal, making sure everything is clean and dry * Use a washing machine to wash a load of clothes * Iron your uniform shirt * Change a lightbulb, in a ceiling light * Set a heating timer and thermostat as needed for the time of year * Clean a toilet, hob or oven * Do another similar home skill

This badge does go towards gaining your highest achievement award within your section so that could be bronze award for beavers, silver for cubs and gold for scouts. Please send over your completed challenge via email, Facebook, messenger or WhatsApp


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